Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hello World.  Greetings from the le village of Lucky Strike, mile 30 on the old northern highway.  Animal interaction is a common theme in the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer This is how a recent convo. with my host dad Charlie went as we walked through the swampy area between the house and the corn field:

Jerry (carrying a machete and fly brush):  So Charlie are there snakes in the waters around here?

Charlie (carrying a shot gun in case of a Bambi sighting):  Oh yeah man.  There is even a guy in the village who has two snakes for pets.

Jerry: (unexcitedly) Really? Where does he keep them?

Charlie: One, in his pocket. (pauses)

Jerry: Geez.  And the other?

Charlie: Around his neck.

Jerry:  Of course.

Some other animal encounters:

1) On the bus going to the city the driver brakes suddenly and reverses.  The entire left side leans over myself and everyone else on the right side to look at the bowa constrictor in the bushes.

2) Last week I saw a hen trying to hump a duck.  No, actually the hen was humping the duck.  All parties involved seemed confused.

3)  Oscar Jr., a village friend, said to always have a flash light when I rode my bike at night.  I thought it was maybe for when the street lights go out which happens regularly and for the crazy drivers that fly by.  But he replied in his Creole accent, " No man!  For the snakes.  One night I had to kill six of them." 

Today I bought my very first machete.


Jerry Wagner
Peace Corps Volunteer - Belize

Youth Development / 4-H 



Blogger Jeff said...

Haha, funny stuff Jerry. Good to hear the update.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

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